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Sure Thing lyrics

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LIL WAYNE lyrics : "Sure Thing"

Kush and a switcher
Money and the bitches
Not to kill a woman
Unless she is a witness
All about my business
Survival or the...
Let me had my weed in her ditties
Bitch I got the cash in her...
I got the block already cock
Fucking with a nigger meet my fucking bones
Sorry for the wait coming forward coming soon
Light it up cause I smoke good
She tried to deep I fucked around and choked her
Is your money mother fucker game over
... body looking like she is doping yoga
Lord knows I am a sinner pain pills for dinner
Bitch I am getting money like...
I got a chopper and a trimmer shut like. better be a swimmer
I don't care about you I am sending my hoe
... bringing me... and we all... fuck you bitch kept going
I am on and that's right
I am not going without a fight
One request please don't bite I got some... white lady
I am not gonna lie I am gonna shine...
Smoke a lot of weed to take bitches out of my mind
Girl stop talking that shit start sucking that dick
For a new outfit even if the sky start falling
Bitch I am gonna till be high I got faith in my will man
But really nigger ain't got to worry... team fly
All up in your fucking face... album sorry for the wait

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