Pure Colombia lyrics

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LIL WAYNE lyrics : "Pure Colombia"

I can't trust these niggas, throw some water on em
They tell me go to hell, okay I know the owner
Strip clubs getting old, all my stuff is foreign
All these bitches think they dimes, that's why we flip a coin
Thank You Jesus, my doggies all felicia
Have to meet my Spanish bitch cuz she just starting to get suspicious
Tell a bitch I mean business
suit and tie nigga
You and all of your dogs could be euthanized nigga
Trigga happy nigga,
I just can't stop smiling
Thank God I'm fly,
I have to thank my pilot
You think you calling shots -- you got the wrong number
I love Benjamin Franklin more than his own mother
Throw that pussy, throw that pussy
Bitch I don't wanna pussy, man fuck these pussy
I look back at ass snitches, my new shoe is Ass Kickers
She should like come like she had, hit em slash then peace to my last victim
They be passin blunts, they be passing jelo
Five blunts of that strong, call that strength in numbers
AK switchin Keda's,
I'm sure yall gotta beat us
Whoever find yo body, finders keepers playa

It's that Pure Colombia
'Cus soon as the bitch taste it, it's her toes gone
It's loaded so I just let em drop the gun
It's that Dedication 5 and another one
I love it!
Free School
I might trip
Let's get it

I done lost a couple hoes but I'm still a pimp
This change of face on my Rollie, shout out Lil Kim
Pop my collar from my house, I need not know the ride
He's lookign for a bitch to stay down like I'm throwing knives
That's okay, you bout stock hold in the McIntosh
I really beat that pussy up, then make the shadow box
These niggas selling pranks, I'mma start singing hits
Bring me his head so I can make sure
Except it's lonely at the top, it's lonely at the top
I think I'm bout to jump, niggas finally with the poppin
You deny it, but this Chi Town and yo homies in the slot
Put yo back all over the window, people passing, window shop
Like uh, It's that Pure Colombia
It's just us fuck the rest, we got insomnia
Most likely I know you fucked that bitch, that's red under ya
She said you tryna see me bitch, that's Stevie Wonderful
You better mind yo business, hitman with a witness
YMCMB, the world is ours, set to diminish
I'mma move you muthafucka, like kind of man are you getting this?
Burn their blunts like bridges, turn up missing

Nigga, we at ya with that clean work
These niggas selling remix, we got clean work
Kill everybody, ya'll gon need a limousine hearse
You see I'm on like a fuckin short sleeve shirt

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