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I pop some Percocets
Then I pop some Xanax
Sitting back, strapped, cocked
Plotting on your man next
Jack a nigga for his work
And stretch it like some Spandex
He hesitate, I spray and leave him
Like a Tampex ? oops, I meant a Tampax
Bitch, I keep that anthrax
I can get your man wacked, for a couple
Tan packs. You know it's a damn lap
Nigga, I did ?
I ain't playing, black
Bitch, I be spraying Macks

All type of guns with accessories
I say pardon me for the bills
I need mills like Stephanie
Pussy niggas can't stand next to me
I've got dope and ecstasy
Keep em floating like both of the levees
Breached. 80s baby but my soul from the 70s
Worldwide game like a travelled the 7 seas
Niggas ain't OG, scary lil bitch, please
Put your pussy in the pan: Frisky

I got 10 up on my pinky ring and
20 on my bracelet. Now these niggas
Kissing ass, but they can't say shit
I'm just here to separate the real from
The fake shit. I told you, I was coming in
I'm sorry for the wait. I gotta get this money
Mane, it's right here in my face
I got the Devil on my back
I don't wanna be up in that place
My mom tell me to be safe

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