HOW TO HATE lyrics

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[Course 1]- Lil Wayne
She was the sweetest ever
Whatever happened to forever
She never say never, she rather say whatever

I'd rather stay together & she rather chase the devil.
Now I'm left to race the rebel
Bartender make it several
Turn up the bass and trebel
How 'bout I make it metal
I'm such a fatal fellow and shes the reason why
Because without the muthafucker I'd die, I'd die, I'd die So burry me today or tomorrow Cause I've buried myself away

[Course 2]

In the sorrow in May
I die before I wake
I pray I'm resurrected for her nightmares sake
But you love me At least thats what she said That whole weekend in my bed
But there was a speaker in my head saying: "Seek & you'll be led"
But instead, instead I loved you
I was weak & mislead
I was deeper than dead
I was sinking in dread & now I'm thinking in shreds So i inked this in red

But she loves me
She loves me not
I hate love
Yeah I hate love
Oh my God
I hate love

[Lil Wayne]

I used to tell myself I wouldn't do this to myself Until I proved it to myself And now I'm losing myself I used to have my shit together but now you see now,I with whatever And now, you see, now, you with whoever, forever & ever

And everybody know I ain't acting like I'm supposed
I'm attacking my own soul I'm back on that lone mode I'm back on that long road And that road goes forever & ever...

I don't wanna love no more, spare me
You can have my heart it's only dead beat
I'm sick of love songs & the bullshit

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Writer(s): Faheem Rasheed Najm, Tramaine Micheal Winfrey, Tramaine Winfrey, Dwayne Carter
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