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Faded lyrics

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LIL WAYNE lyrics : "Faded"

Mama, there go that monster

Abracadabra, Magic Johnson

My mutherf-cking doctor, said I need a doctor

So I called house, now I am a pill popper

Faded like skinnys, Young Money we winning

I told her if I change, she won't get a penny

Milking this shit, pregnant bitch tities

Bringing home the bacon, I'm f-ckin' Miss Piggy

Loaded like a semi, semi naked pictures

She knows my d-ck, she call it nigga Richard

Prior to me coming, I had to stick my thumb in
I asked one time, smell my finger make you vomit

Flyer than a hornet, the shoe fit I worn it

She tried to jack me off, can't beat it, join it

Tunechi, punechi, that what she call it

Flag Scarlett, I killed it, mourned it

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Writer(s): Dwayne Carter, Michael Stevenson
Copyright: Young Money Publishing Inc., Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp.
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