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Dead Bodies lyrics

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LIL WAYNE lyrics : "Dead Bodies"

"Young Moula Baby,
Money on my mind,
(what the) fuck a nigga thought?
He ain't even thank,
He didn't evn see me with the pistol n the shank,
Walked up to him put the pistol to his tank,
Pussy nigga faint,
Pick that pussy up,
Naw let him lay,
Where I'm from we see a fuckin dead body everyday [x3]

Hammer in the drahws,
Hammer in drawers,
And ya'll ain't nothin but nails in the wall,
Holsters, holsters,
Empty like a muthafucka,
Off my hip, clip empty like a muthfucka,
Hehe, ok simply I'm a burglar,
But, it's fly carter, duckin the fly swater,
Simply, I'm a muhfucka
Pimpin' ain't dead, because I'm pimpin like a muhfucka,

Now where ya ho at?
Wipe ya feet on the door mat,
I'm a bring in, no back
Like em to go with no back
I'm not gon' fall, with a cop,
But get low, and them hoes 'gon get cut
Like a saw, well I know it,
You ain't gotta tell me,
I already smell it,
You pussy niggas eatin' peanut butter and jellys,
Ya los' like angeles,
But you can find me in the white tan Ellis
Just like Phil,
And I'm a rock out bitch,
I'm a wear that glcok like an outfit,
I don't care what you know
You ain't no nothin like this,
And I hoope ya ass choke when you suck my dick,

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