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Curtains lyrics

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LIL WAYNE FT. BOO lyrics : "Curtains"

I swear to God I ain't nervous
I swear to God I ain't nervous
I say I swear to God I ain't nervous

I got her workin twerkin and slurpin, my serpent
Ain't got no problems in this bitch, for certain
I see you turnin up with your turn up, ain't workin
Just want out and lift service
And I got all my niggas in that truck like a excursion

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Writer(s): Christopher Connelly, Timothy Kinsella, Brent Gutzeit, Dwayne Carter, Ben Vida, Liz Payne
Copyright: Young Money Publishing Inc., Emi Blackwood Music Inc., Songs Of Universal Inc., Beamer Boy Publishing, Bike Music, Universal Music Corp., If You Need Me Don'T Leave Me, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., Bling Bling Music Publishing
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