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I'm Still Here lyrics

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LIL ROB lyrics : "I'm Still Here"

[Lil Rob]
Ey this one goes out to my raza on the Eastside
Westside, Northside and Southside
I wear a brown bandana homeboy, representin brown pride
You've never met me, so why in the fuck would I have a problem with you?
But if we do, I guess we gotta do what we gotta do
Shit, other than that, I'm cool
Tu sabes ese? I'm not tryin to be somethin I'm not
Ain't got nothin to lose, every nothin I got I'm takin with me
when I rest in peace in my lot
Lately I've been thinkin a lot, drinkin a lot
Even gave tweakin a thought, I keep with the pot
Be sleepin a lot, wake up confused
I don't even know if it's the weekend or not

[Chorus: samples]
"It's been a lonnnng, long long tiiiii-iiiiime"
"But I'm still here (I'm still here, I'm still here)"
"Yes I am, yes I am!"
"And I'm glaaaaad, to be arooooooooounnnnnnnnnd"
"Through all the blood sweet and tears"
"(I'm still here, I'm still here) Yes I do!"

[Lil Rob]
I smoke weed to get me by, why lie?
I smoke weed to get me high, so high
Write rhymes, tight rhymes
Lowriders, beautiful women and High Times
Addictions, to street prescriptions
Perfect fix to get you back in the mix
Lil' homey kickin back on the street corner packin a six
And the glock with extra clips with hopes to get rich
Ain't that a bitch? Lil' homey has no clue what else to do
Got kicked out of school, well me too, but who knew
I'd be writin rhymes to get me through, but it's cool
It's a lot of hard work not to mention a lot of blood sweat'n'tears
It didn't happen overnight, the first time I picked up the mic
It's been over 15 years but I'm still here


[Lil Rob]
I'm still around, I still put it down
Shit, I ain't goin nowhere
Ese Lil Rob's back, continue to make that "Neighborhood Music"
as long as you're there
Somethin to play loud, be proud of
Somethin to bump to, get drunk to
Somethin to fuck to, make love to
Even got a lil' somethin for the clubs too
All-in-all it's feel good music
Real good music, real hood music
Either you respect that or you can step back
Cause I won't let that be a setback I meant that
Si mon I've tried, been denied
Maybe even died inside
People say I died but they lied but when I do die
they can say that I died with my brown pride


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Writer(s): John Stary, Robert Flores
Copyright: Flossy Music
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