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Dont Be Jealous lyrics

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LIL ROB lyrics : "Dont Be Jealous"

[Lil Rob]
Hey holmes

Hook: Moox
"Are you jealous
Don't be jealous
Oooh, jealous
Don't be jealous" --> The Isley Brothers

[Lil Rob]
(Verse 1)
I get to jump on the plane and get to fly from state to state
I get to see a lot of my fans, yeah, feeling's really great
But the, more people that love me, the more people that hate
I put it down for the brown side of town, and I, got what it takes
So I continue to scrap, no time to slow down
I'm on the roll now
I'm all up in the mix, homeboy, and they can't stop my flow now
If I knew then what I know now, I would of had the know-how
I still flow cold and still roll lower, than a snow cloud
And I got so many styles that, there's enough to go 'round
I make music no one hears, that's like a {*radio off, hollow stereo*}
"Stereo with no sound" {*song resumes*}
Why have it if you can't blast it
I'll give my word and I'll back it
And you can stamp it, guaranteed until they drop my casket
I'm a classic, I'm a class act, you can bet that
You don't like me, you don't like my music, homey
I could respect that
But you need to learn, how to keep my name out your fucking mouth
When you don't know what the fuck you're talkin' 'bout
Hey, don't be jealous, man

Repeat Hook

(Verse 2)
Are you jealous, don't be jealous, holmes, you should be proud of me
They say I've changed, simon, I've changed, but I'm Chicano and I'm proud to be
And that's somethin' you can't take from me, don't be mad at me
Cause my mentality and how it used to be
Certain shit just don't make sense to me
Whether you, like it or not, homeboy, I'm opening doors
Doin' good in the business, and at the same time, helpin' out yours
I don't wanna be broke no more, it's been too long, man, I've had it
Time to put the money in the bag like a Corona when I brown-bag-it
I don't do much, might take my Chevy out and drag it
And you might see heinas, stickin' to it like it's a magnet
You see, people can't stand it
Some people talk mess
It don't make sense, and I really can't understand it
But I ain't letting anything fuck up my high
Cause I can talk a lot of shit, too, but I'm not that kind of guy
So before I say goodbye, homey, I just wanna say
It's all good
Don't be jealous, ey

Repeat Hook

[Lil Rob]
Hey holmes
Don't be jealous

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