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LIL FLIP lyrics : "I'm A Baller"

(feat. Chamillionaire, T.C., Yung Redd)


Ok (believe that) we broadcasting live
From Redd's showroom ya heard me (off top)
We still balling, we still doing this %#@! ya heard me

We still in it (believe that) it's that flame %#@!

[Yung Redd]

The wheels on my truck, go round and round
I'm sitting 24 inches, off of the ground
How that sound, mama said do what you'd like

Hold it rocking flights, red, white and blue stripes
But hold up, down South still on nonstop
Cause we been representing down here, for a while

With no solo album, I was still amazing
Stayed full of them trees, I was purple hazing
Look at me now, Redd ain't playing around

Two skinny, but my stacks keep weighing me down
They say balling is a habit no, I can't help it
Now I got more green, than a Boston Celtic

So I'm going all out, on a money route
Now I think these ^!$$%s, really know what I'm about
I don't know where you been, I don't know where you from

But around these parts, we get it how it come

[Chorus x2: Chamillionaire]

See I'm a flosser, balling like you see it
Recognize me as a balla, legend in the streets
Best believe I did it all but, that will never stop me

From feeling like a flosser, cause I'm a balla


I'm still in the game, y'all catch my drift
I got that work cheap dog, peep my flip
When I hop out the truck, y'all catch my drift

The rolly's so icy, (*##$ get off my dick
We ride the finest cars, you know we stay stunting
Rims so big on the six, they sit funny

If it ain't broke don't fix it, blunt it and blist it
In a all blue something, with the plates unlisted
Like Nike, keeping you (*##$ ^!$$%s in check

Yeah whodi you know me, they boy is back
With two bricks, two chicks and two platinum Macks
I stay grinding, so you know I stay shining

[Chorus x2: Chamillionaire]

[Yung Redd]
See I'm like a value meal, my doe supersized
Copping a brand new Bentley, Coupe to ride

With mo' cake than a bakery, we got cream
Candy truck radio up, like Raheim
7-1-3 ^!$$%, that's the name of my team

We still get full of that syrup, and gangsta lean
I still be ghetto fab, if I drove a yellow cab
Yung Redd enough said, my ^!$$%s got cash

Don't get it twisted up, my wrist lit up
You gotta show me something, for me to get up
Just call me a rough neck, but I cash enough checks

To put me in a Vet, and roll off with a set
The streets give me respect, for everything that I did
As a kid I always kept a strap, close to my ribs

But I don't know where you been, and I don't know where you from
But around these parts, we get it how it come

[Chorus x2: Chamillionaire]

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