Way We Ball Remix lyrics

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LIL FLIP lyrics : "Way We Ball Remix"

(feat. E-40)

Heeeey hooo, this is the way we ball
(this the way we ball), this ain't the regular version man
This is the remix y'all (the remix), I got my boy E-40
In the house man (fa shiggidy), you know
We just gon spit a little game, (juts a little bit though)
I had to change the hook up a little bit (just a little bit)

[Hook x2]
This is the way we ball
And we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss
(tricka-wy-yow), I represent the Dirty South
And we riding Blaze, Jags and Escalades
I'm Third Coast born, but you know I'm Texas made

[Lil Flip]
Lil Flip, I'm back on this track
But this time around, E-40 got my back
You know we popping collars, hitting sixteen switches
And after my show, I'm taking fifteen pictures
With fourteen chicks, and they all from Mexico
When they saw the Sprewells, they said let's go
Now we smoking sweets yep, thirteen grams
Now I'm doing donuts, in a orange Lam
Borghini on Dubs, cruising through the club
Trying to find a chick, who like fucking with a thug
I've never been a scrub, I always had do'
But now I'm with Sony, so I got a little mo'
Now we acting bad, when we pulling off the lot
I treat my car like a stripper, watch me drop the top
I'm doing 85, going down to Sea World
Me, E-40, Hump, Redd and my homie C-Note

[Hook x2]

Chick up on my wrist, mustard and mayonnaise kicks
Vogue tires, E-40 and the Click
Me and Lil Flip, drinking and we sip
Dome pliers, trying to get a grip
On this industry, P-I-M-P-ing
Talk slicker, than the average MC
Players from the track, females on my lap
Dog, this is the way we ball

[Hook x2]

[Lil Flip]
I'm swanging about to rip the kizzerp, sipping on my sizzyrup
And on the back of my throwback, it say Larry Bizzird
And on the back of my Jordans, it say Louis Vaton
And on the back of my shirt, it say We Are One
And on the back of my jacket, it say Burberry man
(say, what's that smell), that's blueberry man
So puff puff pass, cause that's all we know
I drink purple stuff, like my homie Big Moe
I'm leaning to the left, about to waste my cup
But I got another fo', so I don't give a fuck
I've been having paper, cause I grind everyday
And since I'm in a big body, nigga get out my way

[Hook x2]

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Writer(s): Anthony Sears, Wesley Weston, Edward Charles, Estell Hobbs
Copyright: Clover G. Music, Jakin Fo Beatz Music, Universal Music - Careers, Black Fountain Tracks
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