Baby i Love You lyrics

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Lil Crazed lyrics : "Baby i Love You"

This one here

Goes out to all the lovers out there
And if you have someone
That you love with all your heart and soul

Then don't ever lose them
They mean everything

[Chorus: x2]
Baby, I love you
And I'll never let you go

I'll always keep you, baby girl
That's fa sho
I loved you from the start

You're always in my heart
And I don't know if I could live if we were apart

[Verse 1:]
Ever since we met

My life has changed
Things got better
And I have you to thank for that

So now I just wanna let you know how I feel
Check it

Since the first moment I caught your eyes
There was somethin' about 'chu I can't deny
Fell in love for the very first time

It blew my mind 'cause you were fine
You're in my arms, right next to me
Baby girl, you got the best of me

So I wrote this song to let you see
That you're the only one that's meant for me
So sweet and cuddly

So cute and fine
When you said you loved me I knew you was mine
We had some troubles

At times we struggled
But I knew at the end we'd stay a couple
So I don't care what the others say

I love you and you love me
I'm just waitin' for that special day
We get married and have a family


Yeah, yeah
If y'all feel me on this one
Then put your hands together

Just like this
Hahahaha, c'mon
If y'all got a special love out there

Why don't y'all grab a hold of 'em
And sing along now



Yeah, baby
You'll always be in my heart
And I'll always be here for you

Through thick and thin
And through whatever
Just remember

Baby, I love you

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