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Need Somebody (To Settle Down With) lyrics

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LIL BOOSIE lyrics : "Need Somebody (To Settle Down With)"

Say Girl I Wanna Touch Ya But First Of All I Wanna Know Can Lil Boosie Trust
Ya It's Thug Love To Tha Fullest You Ain't Got No Bussa So Lay Back And Let
Meeeeeee... Tell Ya Something Fa Real Say Girl I Need Someboy To Settle Down With

[Verse 1:]
Since Tha First Time I Met Ya I Could See It In Ya Eyes You Scared That I'm a
Hurt Ya Scared I'm Gonna Make You Cry You Know I'm Thugged Out When You
Listen To My Rhymes (Look Here) Temperature Rising Got Damn Girl You Fine Woooo!
Ha Lips Like Clips That Go In A Nine Ha Lips Like Eve They Hard To Find She Got A Pretty
Pretty Face With A Gorgious Behind Look Like A Horse From Behind And When She Walk
She Shine But On The Other End Tell Yo Other Man Sit His Broke Ass Down You Got A Hustler
Man I Need A Women To Show Me Some Affection Need A Good Conversation When All These Niggas Be Hatin Need Somebody To Settle Down.

I Need Somebody, Need Some Body To Settle Down With.I Need Somebody,
Need Some Body To Settle Down With.I Need Somebody, Need Some Body To
Settle Down With.I Need Somebody, Need Some Body To Settle Down With.

[Verse 2:]
Now First Of All The Worst Of All Ain't Even Happen Girl It's Time To Play Ping Pong Come
Grab This Paddle Girl Since I Done Hit It Ha Mind Up In Another World I Herd You In Tha Bathroom
You Had To Call Your Girl So I Called Webbie, Webbie She Was Fire Ha Body Had No Marks Like Some
Brand New Tires She Woke Up In My Arms I Took Her To Tha Mall I Spent A G On Her On Some Glasses
And Showed Her How I Ball Girl You Can Have It All I Ain't Got No Wife Yea I Got A Baby Momma Let That
Go Aiight So What's The Deal For The Night We Fucking Or What I'm Still Have Wet Dreams Of Catching A Nut
She Make My Pressure Go Up When She Get On Top Of Me (Look Here) She Make A Nigga Skeet Then Go Fix Me Something To Eat.

Now I'm Gone Keep It Real I Need Somebody To Feel My Pain And Really Know How To Treat Somebody I Need A Woman With A Mind
She Can Put It On My Mind Candle Light Dinner While We Drink Expensive Wine She Ain't Gotta Be A Dime But Got To Be A Nine She
Ain't Got To Come Right Then But She Always Right On Time (Huh Bra) She Took That Ride To Tha Pin Every Sunday And Every Monday
Ya Commisery It Was Comin (Look) Now That's Yo Woman Them Other Hoes They Was Jockin On Them 24's Now You Can't Even Get A Letter
Ain't This World Cold Yo Girl Know When You Was Cheating You Can't Hide From Her Plus She Care For Yo Child Like It Came Out Of Her I'm Gone
Tell You Like It Is They Got Some Real Womenn Who Ready To Settle Down Is You Ready Nigga...

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