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Outro lyrics

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LETOYA lyrics : "Outro"

Hmph, I use to love this song when I was coming up
With your heart, and I'll hear every word you say, when you cry at night
I'll wipe your tears away, just pray my lord, I'll be there right away
I'm so glad to be here, I thank God everyday for this opportunity, just to be able to get up every
Morning, we really take that for granted, he blessed me with so many things
A wonderful family, friends, I thank ya'll for listening, and let me pull my heart out
To ya'll, I thank those who stuck by me through everything I went through
Ya'll don't know how much that mean to me man, I appreciate it, I love ya'll
Just keep praying for me, I wanna thank my momma (my daddy)
My brother Gavin, my grandparents (aunt lori, tiffany what's up), all my friends
(Ashley), terry ross (big damon), Capitol Records what's up. Holla!

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