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Zoom lyrics

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LAST DINOSAURS lyrics : "Zoom"

You know you're not the only one
To see the boy that you
Hold very close to you
He's not your kind of guy
I hope you realize
I have no care for answers
'cos now you're standing only next to me oh oh
So take me on a tangent
'cos tangible is something we perceive oh oh

I don't want to be just another
Fighter without fire nothing to inspire
In a million years when we're older
Finally we can be part of history

From retrospective points of view
It's time to reinvent
Don't care to what extent
Subconscious disarray
I want to look away
I'll live for shadow play
I can't tell the difference when everyone's pretending to play ball oh oh
Now i'm all for resistance
But i can't take it anymore oh oh

[chorus x2]

I told you i tell myself
It's alright alright alright

[chorus x2]

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Writer(s): Lachlan Caskey, Dan Koyama, Sam Gethin-Jones, Sean Caskey
Copyright: Dew Process Publishing Pty. Ltd.
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