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God is a healer lyrics

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Kurt Carr lyrics : "God is a healer"

Verse 1:Sometimes life will hurt you but remember God heals God is a healer
sometimes weapons form against you but they'll never prosper remember God is your shield
Pre-Chorus: He is waiting for your call waiting to shield you from your fall there's a place of rest and peace in the sanctuary
Chorus: He sits waiting in the sanctuary Yes Yes Yes
He sits waiting in the sanctuary Yes Yes
--------------------------Chorus After 2nd verse
(I feel you move)
(I feel a breakthrough)
Move, right now, move, in the sanctuary
I believe there's a miracle in the sanctuary and it's waiting for me
Ending: REPEAT God is a healer
So thank God for the sanctuary
Verse 2: Sometimes your bills can stress you but remember God's peace He's a peace giver
Sometimes your monies runnin' low and you're worried how you'll make it but God will supply your need

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