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Ta Kalokairina Ta S' Agapo lyrics

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KOSTAS MARTAKIS lyrics : "Ta Kalokairina Ta S' Agapo"

Simveni mono mia fora
mou lei i proti sou matia
me ena fili ke mia agkalia
na kavalas ta steria

Simveni tora edo ya mas
ke opos sta cheria me kratas
pernis chimones makria
ke fernis kalokeria

Ta kalokerina ta sagapo
tha ne dika mas tha ne panta edo
Apopse echi to nisi giorti
ke esi masteria echis ntithi

Ta kalokerina ta sagapo
me ena tragoudi akoma tha sta po
Apopse echi i kardia giorti
ke olos o kosmos ise esi
ola ise esi

Simveni mono mia fora
na taksidepsi i kardia
de meni mena sagapo
sta thavmata na pai

Simveni tora edo ke ne
erotevmeni oso pote
ftiachnoume enan ourano
tous dio mas na chorai

It happens only once
your first glance tells me
with one kiss and one hug
to ride the stars

It happens now here for us
and as you are holding me in your hands
you are taking winters away
and you are bringing summers

Summer love you
they will be ours they will be always here
Tonight the island has celebration
and you are dressed with the stars

Summer love you
with one more song I will tell you them
Tonight the heart celebrates
and all the world is you
everything is you

It only happens once
for the heart to travel around
it doesn't remain in one "love you"
to go to the miracles

It happens now here and yes
in love like never before
we are creating a sky
both of us to suit

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