KMFDM lyrics : "You're No Good"

Deceitful unforgiving
Whoever the hell you think I am
Bring me to my knees
Let me be myself again
Forgive, forget
Hold it against me in contempt
Drowning me in tears
Bitter salt that knows no fear

I'm better off alone
Keep to myself so nobody knows
Misery follows me everywhere I go

Hello hello I'm back again
Run run run run while you can
Hello hello I'm back it's me
The mother load of misery
You're no good
Misery follows me wherever I go

Deranged in paranoia
I am just no use at all
Don't count on me
I won't be responsible

Punishing discontent
Gotta get a grip
My mind's working overtime
Twisting in a tourniquet
Ticking like a timebomb
Another pound of flesh
Red alert emergency
I'm headed for a crash

To have to hold
All in good time
I'd ruin that too
I'm better off alone
Keep to myself
So nobody knows
Misery follows me wherever I go

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