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Today lyrics

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KMFDM lyrics : "Today"

When you leave it's like I disappear
Everytime you go it feels like
Seconds slowly turn to minutes
A month of Sundays coming up
Time again it pulls me under
Wonder if I'll ever rise above
It's too much but not enough

Misery loves company
For a little bit of sympathy

It's here today
but it's gone tomorrow
It's hear today
and today will never come again

Sinking into somewhere dark and cold
A place I knew I did not want to go
To forget is all I know

Minutes slowly turn to hours
Another moment passes by
Seconds of eternity
I wonder if it' time to say goodbye...

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Writer(s): Tim Skold, Sascha Konietzko
Copyright: Figs. D Music Inc. O.B.O. 120050 Publishing, Figs. D Music Inc.
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