KMFDM lyrics : "Superhero"

You're so wonderful
Apple of everyone's eye
You're so clever
Multimillion-dollar smile

The world is your oyster and pearls are fun
Share them with everyone that you love
And you love everyone always all of the time

Missing link you eat your own dear
Bird of prey you can't control
In your world perception

Connection precise
Cave in
Bow to the other side

You're a superhero
No one anywhere anytime any which way but you
If the mirror speaks the truth we must aspire and work
Harder to be like you
'cause anything goes when you're a star

Regal elegant
You are bewitching and wild
Fifteen minutes a lifetime
They just don't apply

Shudder to think that if could ever be true
That anyone else is as lovely as you
You bear the name and the lineage taht we desire

In the shutterbug-flash you look fabulous
With your made-to-order plastic-mask
You look so divine

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Writer(s): David Michael Navarro, Stephen Andrew Perkins, Robert A. Ezrin, Perry Farrell
Copyright: Embryotic Music, Swizzlestick Music, Irving Music Inc., I'Ll Hit You Back Music
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