KMFDM lyrics : "Skurk"

I don't need your contradictions
I'm not gonna play that role
I don't need you telling me i've got my back against the wall
If all i've got is everything and everything is all you want
If I give you just a little bit you're gonna try to take it

I feed my anger with the fucking bullshit that you preach
I bleed forever and not a thing you do can comfort me

Obey authority
Live in conformity
I do for you what you do for me

I don't fear the confrontation
I'm not afraid to take the fall
I'm not gonna step aside i'm not letting you make the call
If everything is all i've got and everything is what you want
If i give you just alittle bit you're gonna try to take it all

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Writer(s): Tim Skold, Sascha Konietzko
Copyright: Figs. D Music Inc. O.B.O. 120050 Publishing, Figs. D Music Inc.
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