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Moron lyrics

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KMFDM lyrics : "Moron"

Don't give a damn what i say
Coz i'm out of my mind
Punkass motherfucker son of a gun
Just one of a kind

Ripped the system and burnt the shreds
No pity for the masses
Sympathizer I am
A communist
A prick up some asses

What goes around will come around
What goes up must come down

U.S. underground
Putschists on the rise
Junta of buccaneers
Take power by surprise
Vigilante style
World of the free
Fulfilling prophecies

Dimwit idiot

Money talks and
Bullshits walks
And what is right ain't ever righter
Things in life and life in things
Fire calls the fighter
Sold my rights to tinseltown
Trading arms for battle
By the way this is kapt'n k.
Calling from seattle

Dimwit idiot
M-O-R-O moron

Stupid fuckhead

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