Surfing The Void lyrics

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KLAXONS lyrics : "Surfing The Void"

Awakening to a swirling surgence
I peel away to listen in
Turning myself away from the future
Unable to explain anything
Spanning the sights of emerging patterns
I peel away to feel what's seen
I'm letting go of the fate I'm escaping
Riding the timewaves origin

Take in mystica
Take in mystica
Surfing the void
Light as the guide
Surfing the void

Awakening in different places
I peel away to connect again
Like being born of a bolt of lightning
Unable to explain anything
I span the sights of the lost connections
I see the dream within the dream
I'm letting go of my part in the story
As the word is and ever will be

Hear the void scream inside me

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa

Writer(s): Jamie Oliver Jack Reynolds, Simon Lee Campbell Taylor-Davies, James Nicholas Righton
Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
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