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I'm A Hustler Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "I'm A Hustler Flow"

We getting money...

[Hook: x4]
I got them rubber bands, wrapped round that guacomole
I'm the dope man, nigga you got to know me
Cause I'm a hustler, I'm a hustler
I'm a hustler, satisfying customers

My whole team focused, don't adjust your lens
22's kitted up, how i adjust my Benz
It's M-O-B with me, I only cuff my ends
And only date dime bitches, that'll fuck my friends
This ain't hit-hop, that shit dead nigga
Fuck who rap hard, It's about bread nigga
And I'm a bread winner, and a bread spender
And I'ma keep getting mo', till I'm fed dinner
I gotta eat mayn, yeah that's mandatory
Killa's a heavyweighter, that's self explanatory
Still move that heavyweight, up out my laboratory
I'm rich you broke bitch, not in my category
Yeah I push and I push, I ride and I ride
In that new garden blue, I dip and I drive
With the baddest bitch, I ain't slipping I slide
With that big burner, empty clip and you die

[Hook x2]

I got them poking out the frame, wrapped in yellow and the white
Diamonds poking out my chain, wrapped in yellow and the white
In the kitchen with the caine, got the yellow and the white
I done ran out of purple, now it's yellow in my Sprite
She got candy on her body, 84's on her feet
Junk off in her trunk, now that bitch complete
Keep some'ing in my seat, 'case a hater try to creep
Click-clack skeet-skeet, they maker they fin to meet
And yeah I got em for cheap, it just depend how much you buying
If it's a hefty demand, then I'm supplying
Network yeah I'm losing the weight, not pumping iron
Come at me lose some weight, I'm pumping nine
Dope man dope man, call me Cube
Plus I got that oil, like Jiffy Lube
That's why the wrists is cool, and the fists is blue
D-1-F-G-N-T, you know how we do

[Hook x2]

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