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Fifty Fifty Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Fifty Fifty Flow"

You know, Jigga Man had forty 4-4's correct
Ha, well I decided to do fifty-fifties
Pay attention niggaz, run it

That boy Killa, on that fifty shit
Get rich or die trying, like a 50 flick
On the block rock for rock, I'm fifty fifty
Want it all not half, fuck fifty fifty - 2x
New S 5-50, two bitches with me
Sucking me quickly, they split my dick fifty fifty
Hundred round drum bitch, and I'm bucking fifty
On the streets or the beach, you ain't fucking with me
Got my own style, I ain't gotta borrow 50's
Pockets full of hundreds, I ain't gotta borrow fifties
I'm in some'ing old school, frame out the 50's
Candy chrome grilling lady, rims out the 80's baby
Technically, can't nobody mess with me
You talking bout these other boys, you disrespecting me
Put up fifty, and I'll show you quickly
That I'm finna turn H-Town round, and make history
This specifically, for boys slanging fifty packs
And jam Kyleon tracks, cause I'm sickly
Your style sound, like you stuck up in the 50's
I spit it futuristic, I'm so 22nd century
How dare you talk about my city, and don't mention me
I'm the best thang in it, pay attention G
K-I double L-A, K-Y-L-E
Open up your nose bro, I know you smell me yeah

I can't believe it, the myth of the killer ape is true
Never saw an animal move like that
They just well look, they just kill

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