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Drank In My Cup (Freestyle) lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Drank In My Cup (Freestyle)"

I'm riding round and I'm zipping
Got codeine all in my kidneys
Candy pain dripping off of my ?
Sitting on spears, call my shit ?
Killing these hoes pussies like Whitney
Got about a brick inside of my dickies
Jelly got my jury looking so pissy
? on beat, loose my mind
Just like Geezy, Eminem plies
Spit that fire rap game Godzilla
Like I'm in the booth wrapped in a chinchilla
If y'all one hunned, I'm 10 figures
Come against me, you gonn need 10 niggas
Like a battle ship just send 10 missiles
Get more head than a ? with a whistle
I'm in the green, you in the red
Killa bust bricks, y'all niggas bust ?
Now I'm bout to ball like fresh not dreads
Blow so sick like I said fuck this
Killing this beat drop ?
Number one rapper, no list like Greg
Everyday payday, Friday, ?
Cup full of pinky, I poured up a 6
Blunt full of kush, just rolled up a ?
Mud in my soda, hold up thick
Coming down slam roll up with your bitch
960 that's my price, ? to get your right
100 price old, that will get you ice
Got the band in the hood that will get you striked
? stones, looking like?
Killa Kyelon I run it, just look ? I done marry my money
On my grind till my roads get blocked
Counting this money till my shoulder gets popped
Till I'm in the ground?I get the football numbers locked in a box.

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