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Do Ya Thang Flow lyrics

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KILLA KYLEON lyrics : "Do Ya Thang Flow"

DJ Storm right, that's right nigga
They know what the fuck this is nigga, this slab music nigga
Pulling up on your side, on a fresh set of 4's nigga
Cause 3's ain't for no G's, you know what I'm saying
Killa Kyleon nigga, I am the slab king you dig
Finna do my thang like Tip say mayn, run it

Pull a wide body out off the dock, I'm fin to sail y'all
84 Perrich, G I'm talking bout my L-Dog
Pop my trunk, lights glowing all above my knock
Now or later paint, roof and inside's butterscotch
Fresh glass shoes, low pro fo's for the socks
I ain't gon lie, I know why I do it for the bops
Pulling out clean, car fresh up out the shower
Grab that Shammy, wipe it down for an hour
I love them swangas mayn, y'all can have the big wheels
Give me a slab, with a fifth and a big grill
Woman on the hood, poking out directing traffic
Swanging on your slab, soon as I roll pass it
Fuck my alarm, I'm protected by the plastic
Touch my car, and it's finna get drastic
Shaking left to right, like I'm finna lose it
Popping my trunk mayn, I'm jamming Screw music

[Hook: x2]
I'm clean, diamonds in my teeth chain guzzling my ring
Looking like a million bucks, when I hit the scene
My load on 4's, and my candy paint mean
Nigga I'm so clean, nigga I'm so clean

Hand on my grain mayn, flipping through my neighborhood
Sipping on drank, purple stuff you know the flavor good
Smoking on some gangsta shit, I call it O.G. kush
Head turner, so the hoes and the police look
Boys hating, cause they know I got the best ride
Run up you'll get chestized, bitch I'll leave your chest wide
Lam do's, slab looking like a sports car
Pop my trunk, now it's looking like a sports bar
Slab king nigga, so it ain't no competition
I'm fo' number one, that ain't no punk position
I ride 4's not 3's, now I got em heated
Hey what's the difference, five G's cock sucker beat it

[Hook x2]

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