P&P 1.5 lyrics

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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "P&P 1.5"

Featuring Ab-Soul

"Gina, baby, I don't have no money
And I don't have no ends
Gina, I'm ass-out"
"I'm going through something right now!"
"I done told you that"

Oh, what up ho? Oh, what up?
I said, oh, what up ho? Oh, what up?
I said, oh, what up ho? Oh, what up?
Well alright..

I'm going through something with life
But pussy and Patron make you feel alright
Pussy and Patron make you feel alright
Pussy and Patron, that's some great advice

[Verse 1]
Welcome to my diary, stressing got me gray hairs
Something to inspire me, rather than society's
Woes, let me go, let me shine a lil' bit love
I want diamonds too, Ronnie on Player's Club
I used to have a 9 to 5, fresh out of school that was '05
That bitch was racist, got me fired, ever since then, I had no job
Pushin' in my mama van, stop for gas on Rosecrans
Trust me these niggas rushed me for something my cousin probably did
Guilty by association story of my life, nigga
You gon make me flip and split yo shit just give me life, nigga
Pain since my grandma's death, Uncle killed at Louie's Burgers
Hold my tears I tried my best, let it go, drenched my pullover
Cycles of a starvin' artist tryna go beyond the margin, margin
Maintainin' my modest modus as I dream
So while I go through all this, all this bullshit what you call it
Life itself I know it helps let me scroll through my Blackberry
"Hey what's up daddy?"


*Beat switches up*

"So what'd you rush me out here for?
How was your day? Are you tipsy?"

All I need in this lifetime: Pussy and Patron
Give me that, once you give me that, once again it's on
Bitch I'm swagged up, hoes bopping when I'm off that screw
Coming down clean, tell your baby mama what it do?
Where your friends at? I got long dick, what it is?
Go on poke it out, situate your little positives
How I live? Big shot, on my grind, all ready
I'mma lay it down like a carpenter, when you let me..

Give me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff
I can't get enough, if I offend you, blame it on the liquor babe
Give me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, that gushy stuff
I can't get enough, if I offend you..

[Verse 2]
Uh, I wrote this song when Dave drove home
And caught that flat, in the mean T Flats
And it made me think, if we could blink
To change locations where we at
We often get lost in the alcohol bottle
In attempt to ignore pain, problem and sorrow
Just for a minute, then back to the bullshit
Your car note due and you bout to get evicted
Two drugs surely, Patron, pussy, make it feel alright
But once it's empty and the bitch leave, then it's back to life
You can't run from it, gotta run to it, nigga
The antidote wouldn't last and you knew it, nigga
But still you proceed to dive deep, ask what's her zodiac sign


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Okay, welcome to my diary, hmm.. where should I begin?
Finna get a swisher and fill it with at least a gram
Crackers watch my every step, man I hate to work for them
One time I tried to work for me but that shit didn't work for me
And here I am, stressing, questioning my direction man
What to do? Nothing's moving, traffic jam, wiggle through it
Pop the cork and take the fluid, bust that pussy open
Bust that pussy open, bust that pussy open
'Soul! balls deep, ya dig? Retrieve, relief, ya dig?
Let's kill a bottle of tequila
And lie butt-naked telling the truth, would ya?
What's up? I had a long day and I really wanna fuck
Take a double shot to the face and forget about my whole day
Cause all I've been thinking the whole day..

[Hook] + [Bridge]

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