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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Get Bizy"

I'm the miller to military
Bold eagle squeeze a cesar ebonizer
I am the worse, what?
That's why my bitch told me after I took her purse
Shove it down, looking for a pounded '?¦ bitch
I'm scanless, I poke you like dare antlers cancerous
Cause I ain't got no time to play
When I ask you a question answer is the lie where you lay
Lay where you die, never wake up, die where you lay
It's hard to survive nigger, or the high where you stay
I'm important like Pope I'm the king of New York
I'm live from South Central, I'm a Muslim on pork
Corrupt the world's fattest, they feed on scratch
I'm multiplied by 20 thousands fiends and crack
You add me to music and the themes react
Everybody's addicted turn the bodies to liquid
I love your style but I hate your vibe
I don't want your wife but your bitch is mine
Murder methods of mayhem tap it dop it great
'?¦ and grab a sodium kako dilate
... misery, young Merlin, shalami
I make the walls fall like Berlin
You ever heard of a murderer well you must of my nigger
I'm a mixture between Big Snoopy and Jagger
I spit meat cleaves and sossy '?¦
My wife's a diva like Beyonce for hood like Ashantee motherfucker
I run them up '?¦ they call me corrupt get that, I fuck you up our '?¦
Motherfuckers in the egland of a second, murder method

I don't give a damn, I don't give a damn

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