Drop The Vibe lyrics

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KENDRICK LAMAR lyrics : "Drop The Vibe"

Feeling like a mother $#[email protected] animal,
Cannibal lector, twenty twelve,
Elected to execute every rapper that has excelled,

If music you're calling, then you're on it, pick up your cell,
If a nigger said he can see me, bet he told you in braille.
$#[email protected], put you on from and.. some bread..

Nigger your lunch... should .. work that instead
?I'm a leader, walk behind me, yes I walk?
Watch their face drop, when the beat drop, I drop a?

New occurrence? calling the?
No judgment for the..
They tried to find me guilty for spitting filthy ?

But I bet?. That's March 14, my first recording
I kicked it like.. Chuck Norris.

Look, look, look, I'm J.A.Y Rock to be exact,
..and goddess?
Story of the East Side nigger of my life in the ghetto,

On the beast side, nigger!
..opposites attract, niggers go home for the color of their flag!
Don't make money, wear for?

Unfit mother never heard of obedience.
Oh, so devious, niggers are too,
Right around the corner, déjà vu!

Sam old %#@!, sounding like rerhymes,
It's gotta stay sharp, if you flip, then you bleed on guns and?
Five, ones, niggers don't? they buy old guns!

..on the L.A. streets, don't sleep, don't sleep,
Look, catch me sitting in my truck,
Read e in this cup, no tags on this (*##$!

But I don't give a $#[email protected], I ride till the worlds fall of,
That's some real %#@!, never let ?em get in your mind,
Never reveal %#@!!

Let a nigger know your ?
He's the type of nigger? wishing on you to fall!
Fake niggers try to impersonate your character,

That's why I've got the mother $#[email protected] eyes on?
Watch ?em, my daddy told ?em ? everyday,
Why you have to pass away?

Thinking about my? to kick in,
Roll me up a fat $$# drunk and start drinking!
Damn, the reality start to sit in,

I'm married to the streets and I ain't never had a wedding.
I stopped selling dough because nigger?
Sex, money and weed, the life we start living,

Guns in the closet for niggers who start tripping,
Stay in the house when ?em chops come out spitting.
Stay on your job, keep your eyes opened on every corner,

The blink of your eye, use a?
Dealing with the pains of this hunger,
Shut ?em like?

Just live my life upon some cool %#@!,
So nigger just miss me, with all that bull%#@!!

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