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fuck thought
8 doobies to the face
fuck thought
12 bottles in the case
nigga, fuck thought
2 pills and a half, wait
nigga, fuck thought
got a high tolerance
when your age don't exist

man, i swear
my nigga trippin off that shit again
pick him up, then i set him in
cold water, then i order someone to bring him vicodin
hope to take the pain away
from the feeling that he feel today
you know when you part of section 8
and you feeling like no one can relate
cause you are, you are
a loner, loner
marijuana, endorphins
make you stronger, stronger
i'm in the house party trippin off
my generation sippin cough syrup like its water
never no pancakes in the kitchen
man, no wonder our lives is caught up
in the daily superstition
that the word is bout to end
who gives a fuck? we never do listen
unless it comes with an 808
a melody and some hoes
playstation and some drank
technology bumping soul
looking around and all i see
is a big crowd, that's product of me
and they probably relatives
relevant for a rebel's dream
yep, the president is black
she black too
purple label on her back
but that dap
is like when she take it straight to the head
then she look at me
she got adhd

like woah oh oh woah (x4)
(don't got a limit just gimme some more with it)
(don't got a limit just gimme some more with it)
(they always told me ad-hd did it)

and then she started
and then she started
feeling herself like no on else in this apartment
beg you pardon
oh i rap baby, how old are you?

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