Mother's love lyrics

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KEM lyrics : "Mother's love"

In a mother's love
You'll find
Everything's alright
To a mother's love
You are bound
You can rest
On sacred ground
In a mother's love
You are free
To dream
Because she sees
What you can be
In a mother's love
You see the sun
Enough for two
but you are one
In a mother's love
You can feel
When something hurts
You can heal
Yes a mother's love
Is real
You grow
Because she knows
To let you go

yeah... Mama
Mother's Love
Mother's Love yeah
Mama, Mama, Mama
Mama, Mama, Mama, Ma
A mother's love
A mother's love
and a mother's love
nevers lies
she believes you can fly
will hold her mind

A mother's love

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Writer(s): kim L. Owens
Copyright: Kemunity Song Chest, Songs Of Universal Inc.
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