Human touch lyrics

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KEM lyrics : "Human touch"

Verse 1

Every finger was made
For your delight
To follow the cerve of your face
Here next to mine
All of your secrets are safe with me
Can I taste your perfume
I could just linger for days and melt with you


We cant lose with love on our side
And could use your affection tonight
Love was made just for us
Human Touch

Verse 2

Watching the wind blow your hair
Dont you wanna spoon
In a garden of pillows we can share
Take off your shoes
Girl you're my favorite time of the year
Can I kiss your toes
Until this fever disappears
Girl you run the show


Oh just stay here with me
your love is all that I need
I just want it so much
Human Touch

Repeat chorus

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Writer(s): kim L. Owens
Copyright: Songs Of Universal Inc., Kemunity Song Chest
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