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Aww Shit! lyrics

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KELIS lyrics : "Aww Shit!"

Lookin' too fly walkin' to the bar
Niggas wanna stop askin' who I are
Hands on my waist tryna find out
If I wanna flip off on one drink and can he get that
Imma rock hip hop pop star
Bitch I got the dough and the fast car
Never run from nothin' when I come through
Roll with the realest that can take out ya whole crew

Hickey, hickey, hickey awww shit
Hickey, hickey, hickey awww shit
Hickey, hickey, hickey awww shit
I can make a whole song talk shit

[Repeat chorus]

I dont like to dance to a slow song
Ya too close and I cant get my groove on
Drop a beat and let a girl feel sumthin,
Im so gutta watch my two step do sumthin
Tippie toes, dip and make a mean walk
I aint tryna listen to ya big talk
How 'bout my drink for the third time
Boy come and get it, watch me make these niggas fall in line

[Chorus x2]

Got to head to the hills 'fore I pass out
Get my coat from the check for I spaz out
Put my whip to the front then I jump in
Catch a look coming from the niggas in the black benz
Red light, now they tryna hop in
"Remember when I was in school I was ya boyfriend"
Got tints so we never entertain those
Hungry ass niggas on they phones like they got hoes

[Chorus x2]

Now im feelin mmm mm good
Eyes filled up with the bloodshots
Look like a lamp with the lights out
Now he's tryna get a lick but Im all gone

Keep keep talkin

[Smoke:] (Imma keep talking, shit) Who this man who's not star yet you wondering who I are on track with rock hip hop star the pop star who da man behind hot bars smoke Im soon to be popular now where you from is it my city yo city, all you need to know I come from a dope city, neva shoot the boy still keep the dope in me taste of the kush with a chase of the henny, and when Im lookin for a freak real picky picky, and if it smell icky tell her pull up her vickies, but if it smelling right I might do the licky licky, let you suck on my neck but please no hickey hickey

[Chorus x2]

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