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Always Happens Like That lyrics

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KAISER CHIEFS lyrics : "Always Happens Like That"

Yeh! We plugged it in
And we turned it on
And we made it up
As we went along

And it always happens like that

So we made a film
Starring you and me
Just hanging around
Turned out to be a smash

And it always happens like that

You can do what you like
But you can't do that
You can say what you want
But you can't say that
You can go anywhere
But you can't go there

That looks like a letter that I don't want to open

And we broke into
The muncipal pool
And we turned it in-
To a madrigal

And we made a vow
To the holy cow
And we set it up
Just to knock it down

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Writer(s): Nicholas James David Hodgson, James Rix, Charles Richard Wilson, Nicholas Baines, Andrew White
Copyright: Imagem Songs Ltd.
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