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if i gave you my life lyrics

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JUSTIN NOZUKA lyrics : "if i gave you my life"

I fell in love with a voice in the midnight airGliding across the room she was studying meSuch a simple thing to doThe touch of her handA question(Chorus)If I gave you my life would you let it slipThrough your fingers like water in the dessertIf I gave you my heartIn the deep of the nightWould you hold it like a candle giving you lightDays fell away into yearsSunset memories

Standing on the edge of it all oh she was worrying meSuch a typical thing to doThe reach of her handConnection(Chorus)Life fell away from her voice in the midnight airHey Lying on the moonlit ground she was looking up at me Such a simple thing to doJust as simple as the way she fades away(Chorus)

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Writer(s): Justin Nozuka
Copyright: Golden Train Music Inc.
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