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All For You lyrics

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JUNG EUN JI & SEO IN GUK lyrics : "All For You"

All for you
It's already been a few days since you haven't called
Do you know that it's my birthday soon?
But time keeps ticking without concern
Because I was more worried than annoyed
I went to the entrance of your street without planning it
I didn't think I'd see you but you greeted me with a smile
Actually, I worried about this a lot
Because I had nothing I could do for you
Even though I lack so much and I don't have much
Will you still accept me?
* For you, only for you
I might not be able to give you the whole world but
Now I will promise only to you
I will be a person who is only for you
** It's only for you just wanna be for you
You just need to stay by my side just as you are right now
Even if I'm born again, I want to look at only you forever
You don't know but it was a bit hard for me
Am I the right person for you?
And even if I'm not the one but it's another person
I want to throw away that feeling now
* Repeat
** Repeat
(Love ? in my small heart ? oh love ? I want to fill it up with your scent)
So even if I'm eternally trapped inside
I can be happy
* Repeat
It's only for you
Oh oh it's all for you

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