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CRY lyrics

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Julian Drive lyrics : "CRY"

(Verse 1)
Here I am now on my face, memories I can't escape
I'm a wounded man, I try as hard as I can
Forget the pain, forget the past, my relief is here at last
Oh my hope in You, is pulling me through

I'm on my way to a better day, on my way through the night
Just when I think I've finally lost my fight
On my way to a better day, on my way to new life
Just when I think I'm alone You're by my side
You hold me and wipe the tears I cry

(Verse 2)
At a loss for what to say, now it comes down to my faith
Will I really do, what You told me to
Believe Your voice, believe Your word, stand so strong even when it hurts
Gotta let it go, let Your light show

Cry like the wind, finally on the mend
No You never left, though my heart bled

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