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second hand life lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "second hand life"

Written by Turner/Peterik

Always walking in somenone shadow
Ever since I could crawl
Afraid to break the chains around me
Stand up and walk tall

Everyone has felt the same rejection
Any child can see
In the mirror just a sad reflection
Of what there really can be

It's a second hand life we're living
When you're out on the street alone
Well l've done it your way
Now I'm taking what's mine
No matter wrong or right
Don't want no second hand life

Out of nowhere we come from nothing
Expect the world to provide
They gave me rules l'd never follow
Lelft on my own lo survive

They say they do it for your own protection
Why do we hurt who we love
Well cut the strings and go your own direction
Are you strong enough

It´s a second hand life we're given
Like a heart that has turned to stone

Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner
Guitars: Karl Cochran
Bass: Bob Held
Drums Michael Cartellone
Keyboards: Gary Corbett

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