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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "TWO LIGHTS"

Written by Turner/de Carvalho

Walking down the lonely city streets
On the boulevard of broken dreams
Wondering where I will find you
Searching in the shadows looking for your face
Two strangers in a state of grace
You're not there I've been waiting

They say nothing last forever
But girl we belong together

They'll be two lights burning like a fire in the midnight
Shining right on through the rain
They'll be two hearts turning tumbling like the dice
Caught in the game

Feeling all the wounds of love before
Had it all but we still want more
And we're lost in the passion
oh you know desire is a dangerous friend
A circle o fire no beginning no end
Only you... you can save me

I'm not afraid to take a chance
To put my heart into your hands

They'll be two lights burning like a fire in the night
Shinning right on through the rain
They'll be tow hearts yearning
Trying to make it right again... again

I hear the darkness calling... it whispers your name
Two hearts afraid of falling... and love takes the blame

(Throwing it all away)

Angel just hold me close... tell me that you understood
You are the one who knows... heaven is in your hands.

Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner
Guitars: Karl Cochran
Bass: Bob Held
Drums Michael Cartellone
Keyboards: Gary Corbett
Background vocals: Karl Cochran, Joe Lynn Turner

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