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Really loved lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "Really loved"

Written by Turner/Marksbury

All of your life heartache and pain
How many tears can you cry in the rain
The sky is grey, your whole world is blue
Let go of the past, and find someone new

Tell me do you wanna be loved
Tell me do you wanna be loved

Try to forgive, 1 know it's so hard to do
Live and let live, time heals all wounds
Keep all your dreams and the hunger alive
An empty heart ain't no way to survive

You've been waiting for so long
And it's tearing you apart
There's an answer, just be strong
You can find it inside your heart

Vocals: Joe lynn Turner
Guitars: Al pitrelli
Bass: David Z
Drums: John O'Reillly
Keyboards: Andy burton
Background vocals: Nancy Bender

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