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On the Run lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "On the Run"

I' m goin' out ...I'm taking that ride tonight
One of the crowd... underneath the starry lights
I got to loosen up... I'm getting ready to run
'Cause it's all coming down and I know I'm not
the only one
Something strange is happening to me
Look at my face and tell me what you see
I'm on the run
I'm gonna come olive tonight
I'll be the one
Underneath the lights tonight
The feeling is so right tonight
I'm taking you... taking you where time
stands still
Gonna make you or break you, 'cause tonight
we're gonna shoot the thrill
I feel the heat, the beat and the rush of the
So you better get ready, 'cause we're gonna
shake the place to the ground
Take a look around, fell me what you see
You got what you need to set yourself free
I'm gonna come olive tonight
Under the gun
I feel the fever rise tonight
I'll be the one
Underneath the lights tonight
I'm on the run
The Feeling is so right tonight
I can see it in your eyes tonight

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