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Love don't live here lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "Love don't live here"

I know it's over, now the worst is here
I guess it's time to face the truth
Don't know what happens, but the feeling disappears
I guess some dreams never come true
You ask for a reason, there's only one that I can give
You know the answer is so clear
Another change of season, got our own lives to live
There ain't no use in cryin', it's only for the tears

Hold me close, don't let go
Soon you'll be walking out the door
Don't look back, cause we both know
Love don't live here anymore

Sentimental pictures, and faded valentines
Are all that's left of you and me
No second chances, we already crossed that line
Nothing to hold on to but the memories
I know it isn't easy, but it's harder to pretend
So tell me, what is there left to say
Baby please believe me, we can find the rainbow's end
We just keep on searching, we go our separate ways

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