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Fantasize lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "Fantasize"

Another night, I lay and watch you sleep
I listen to the music of the wind outside the windows
It's on my mind, it never leaves my soul
My heart beats with the rhythm and my blood begins to boil

The silence is too loud, the darkness hurts my eyes
I need to shout it out way up into the sky, we fantasize

They look at me, you're right there but you're out of touch
I want to touch you but I won't, what I want to do I don't
Those girls gone wild, late night tv wearing me down
I look at them and they all smile, I wish they'd come to town

I lay awake, it's hard to drift away
These thoughts delay my slumber
Like a rock I stay, I wonder
When we're aware, don't we all stare
At what we never had and question
Don't you come clean in confession

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