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Chained lyrics

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Joe Lynn Turner lyrics : "Chained"

(Marvin Gaye)
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Seems just yesterday you were in my arms
And in a special way you touched my heart with all your charms
And now you're gone
Oh and I find myself
Honey, I'm all alone there's no love left
I don't want a thing
For you I've always cared
I did all I know to win your love and make it so
You'd always stay for eternity
Honey what could I say
I'm telling you how could, how could you do me this way
Cause I'm chained to your love, baby
Girl I'm chained to your love and affections

I've got to make it right
Somehow it all went wrong
Somewhere down the line I loved and lost
Still I've got to find and it won't be long
Gonna make it right, baby
And carry you tenderly back home
Cause I'm chained to your love
Cause I'm chained to your love

I tremble, girl I tremble
Oh you know, you know
Baby oh baby
Now I admit that I've never been the perfect guy
For a girl that's sweet as you but my heart and soul cries out to you
I'm gonna make it right, baby
If you stay, stay with me
Cause I'm chained, cause I'm chained
Cause I'm chained to your love
Baby, I'm chained

Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner
Guitars: Tony Bruno
Bass: Greg Smith
Drums: John O┬┤Really
Keyboards: Gary Corbett
Background vocals: Sandy Saraya, Janet Raines, JLT

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