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The Weave Song lyrics

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JERKTV lyrics : "The Weave Song"

(Verse 1)
First off,
are you my man?
You got something to say,
but do I give a damn?
I bought this hair,
therefore it's mine
If you don't like,
then kick rocks,

'cause a bitch is still fine! MMM!
My hair's worth more than your whole damn fit is!
So do you think I care about you bargain brand bitches?
Bitch go fix them split ends
this lace front is expensive
you gotta problem with my extensions? WHO CARES???
And you could use some too but
Slut ya need ta shut up,
Ya need ta get your funds up,
Talkin' all that shit but
I doubt a bitch would RUN UP!

(Verse 2)
Uhm... Bitch,
Who do you think you are?
It's #TeamNatural,
are you mad that your hair won't grow this far?
Are you mad my highlights aren't glued to the top of my head?
Heffa didn't even sew it, talkin' 'bout cutting some checks
Broke bitches never make sense!
Oh we can talk about end$
Talkin' all that shit
But at least mine grew to my neck!
Why is it you ratchets
Always be saying the same ol' thang?
Are you mad you're real hair
looks like a baby orangutan's?

(Verse 3)
At least I can say proudly,
my hair's the only fake thing about me!
Your vagina's probably sounding
like every hoe in this county!
Your pussy's probably on clearance,
I wouldn't go anywhere near it!
You only talk so much shit,
'cause you thought nobody would hear it!

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