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JEFFREY DALLAS lyrics : "Akbar"

Woke up this morning
At my grandma`s house
And I saw a cornfield
Through the window
I said grandma grandma can I go play in that cornfield
She said you can do what ever you want, you're like twenty-one.


I went in a cornfield today,
I went in a cornfield,
I went in a cornfield today and met Akbar.

Akbar is awesome 'cause he never calls you names,
He never really calls you anything 'cause he's just a corn
But I like pretending, that I can talk to him, and he can talk to me
And he's kinda funny and he knows lots of jokes when I do that


Sat down for dinner, at my grandma's house
when she lay down a plate of Akbar
I nearly cried when I saw my friend had died
Grandma killed him for dinner.

Chorus x 2
I went in a cornfield today and met Akbar x 2

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