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JAY-Z lyrics : "GOTTA HAVE IT"

[kanye west]
turn my headphones up, louder
hello, hello, hello, white america, assassinate my character
money matrimony, yea they tryna break the marriage up
who gon act phony, or who gone try to embarrass ya
i'mma need a day off, i think i call ferris up

bueller had a mueller
but i switched it for a miele cause i'm richer
and prior to this shit was moving free base

[kanye west]
had a conference with the djs
puerto rico three days

poli with the pd's now they got our sh*t on replay

[kanye west]
sorry i'm in pajamas but i just got off the p.j
and last party we had, they shut down prive

ain't that where the heat play? niggas hate ballas these days

[kanye west]
ain't that like lebron james?

ain't that just like d. wade? wait
wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup
wassup motherfucker where my money at?
you gonna make me come down to your house where your mommy at
mummywrap the kids, have 'em cryin' for they mommy back
dummy that your daddy is, tell 'em i just want my racks

[kanye west]
racks on racks on racks
maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs

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Writer(s): Kanye West, Joseph Roach, St Clair Pickney, Shawn Carter, Fred Wesley, Pharrell Williams, Joseph Maloy Roach, James Brown
Copyright: Carter Boys Music, More Water From Nazareth, Donna Dijon Music Publications, Intersong-usa Inc., Emi April Music Inc., Dynatone Publishing Company, Dynatone Publishing Co., WB Music Corp.
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