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Dead Presidents III lyrics

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JAY-Z lyrics : "Dead Presidents III"


[Verse 1]
While others spit that
Wonderama shit
Me and my conglomerates
Same crime, bigger trial
Ya Honor suck a dick,
Let me live out my dreams
Until my heart give out
Devour cream
You know exactly what this is about
Fuck y'all mean
Handlin' since a teen
Like LeBron or Sebastian
High school graduates
Straight to the league
I ain't waitin' for my knee to blow
Yesterday I was needin' this dough
Get it, I was kneadin' this dough
Long as your math is fast
If your readin' is slow
Yo, my life ain't rosy
But I roll with it
My mind was fine till the dough hit 'er
Then told me that the Mo' did it
And now it's Kosher, shit is so Hasidic
I blow a digit on the diamond
At San Tropé visits
And won't miss it
So don't twist it
Young is just as nice
More wrists than '96 TRICK


Washingtons go to wifey
You know how that go
Jacksons go back
Then we cop us some mo'
The Benjamins go in the stash box
Under the floor
I'm out for presidents to represent me
Now you know

[Verse 2]
My boy Sieg. said
He was on a tier where no tears can fall
Cause he was on the block where no squares get off
See in my inner circle, all we do is ball
'Til we all got triangles on our wall
Ain't just rapping for the platinum, y'all record,
I recall, cause I've really been there before
Never fall behind, cause I think too forward
All about the grime like me so horny
Warned you early on about my mindset
You thought it was an empty bomb threat
'Til I flew into the building like
100 Osamas said to do a few millions
Expose the world to a hustler's true feelings
I came into this game with nothing to prove
You'll never stop a nigga in that type of mood
So every move I make confuse the industry
I'm out for presidents to represent me

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