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Beach Is Better lyrics

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JAY-Z lyrics : "Beach Is Better"

Get ya [?] on the celly
Cause I ain't got time
To be arguing with your [?]
If you ain't really ready

Girl why you never ready
For as long as you took
You better look like Halle Berry
Or Beyonc. [?] then we getting married

I brought sand to the beach
Cause my beach is better
You can keep ya beach
Cause that beach whatever

Started out at the Darby
Ended up at 1 Oak
Left the house with 100 grand
Ended up near broke

Don't get made at me
I'm buying bucket after bucket
When it's gone I'm like [?] it
I replace it with another one

Can't take this money with you
Burn this [?] up like I'm richer
[?] asking
If the oven's on

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Writer(s): Marquel Middlebrooks, Michael Len Williams, Shawn Carter
Copyright: Carter Boys Music, Eardrummers Music Publishing LLC, Sounds From Eardrummers LLC, Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp., WB Music Corp.
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